A Comical Match For Constance



Jasmin Jai and Alexis Kim think they can two-on-one fight Constance and still win! Constance laughs at the idea! They say two-on-one is always better.. up until Constance punches them both out at the same time!!! Both ladies fall over, and Constance quickly gets Alexis into a head scissorhold!! Jasmin desperately tries to pull Alexis out from between Constance’s legs, but she’s so worried that she forgets to defend herself! Constance quickly snatches Alexis’ neck into sleeperhold! Now Constance has control of both ladies in tight holds!!

Constance eventually lets both ladies up and give them a free shot to prove her point. Alexis and Jasmin both take their free shots, but Constance doesn’t even budge. First she decides to take on Jasmin, getting her into a camel clutch worth noting! Jasmin gives up quickly, so Constance moves onto giving Alexis a reverse head scissorhold. In the background, Jasmin tries to help, but only gets herself punched right in the face! Constance punches Jasmin so hard that she just falls to ground!! Now Alexis ready to rescue her friend!! Alexis cunt busts Constance right in the cooter, but Constance recovers quickly to slam both ladies together for an epic double head BONK!

Alexis and Jasmin wobble in place, and Constance again snatches up the Jasmin for another attack!! Jasmin goes down, and Constance grabs Alexis for another attack of her own! Alexis goes down!! The epically strong Constance takes over both these ladies with no problems whatsoever!! Constance bear hugs, stomach punches, cunt busts, facesits, sleeerholds and head smacks both ladies to oblivion!! What weak little bitches Alexis and Jasmin turned out to be!! How else will Constance punish these poor girls??

xoxo Constance, Jasmin Jai, Alexis Kim  Customs? EML HERE


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