Belly Button Fight Club



Jacquelyn Velvets paces around, seriously worried about whether or not Constance can abide to the prestigious “Bellybutton Fight Club” Rules. Constance walks in, innocently, and Jacquelyn  immediately confronts her about the rumors going around that Constance was breaking the first rule… to keep the “Bellybutton Fight Club” a complete secret. Jacquelyn knows it was Constance gossiping because none of the other girl’s looks like Constance.  Jacquelyn then shows off her strong, sexy bellybutton to prove that she really is the queen of bellybutton fight scene. 

Jacquelyn is ready to see right now that her bellybutton can push Constance’s bellybutton right down. They both strip down to their bikinis and are ready to bellybutton fight!! They squish bellybuttons together in a hard bear hug!! Looks like Jaclyn’s bellybutton is extra tough!! Constance squeals under the squish! They go back and forth, slapping, squishing, and smacking each other’s bellybuttons!! A true belly beat down continues! Will Jacquelyn keep up her BellyButton Fight Club Queendom?!

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