Boxing: Constance vs Sinn Sage



Constance is ready for a boxing match with Sinn Sage! They both jab at each other back and forth, circling around the full size ring! Constance gets a number of stomach jabs into Sinn, and weakens Sinn! Constance quickly starts to take over!! She gets a number of jabs into Sinn’s face next, and Sinn can only get a few punches out while Constance seemingly dominates. Will Sinn catch up?? Doesn’t look like it.

Constance continues to punch Sinn to shreds! Every punch to Constance doesn’t seem to phase her, so manages to get Sinn into the turnbuckle for a hell of beatdown!! Over and over Constance jabs Sinn’s face, with only the ropes to help Sinn stay standing! Next Constance swings her arm round and round before an epic style undercut!! Sinn falls out of the turnbuckle corner and continues her epic lose by face on her face with her ass in the air. Constance counts down… to 8.. when Sinn gets up! A miracle!!

Suddenly, the underdog Sinn Sage finds some hidden strength because she turns her beatdown around onto Constance!! Sinn starts to punch Constance over and over, weakening Constance enough to make the match a fun filled back and forth game for whole 5 MORE MINUTES!!! Sinn gets Constance into the turnbuckle and lands so many AMAZING punches that Constance knocks out! She falls to her face and lands ass up in the air!!

Again, Constance gets up at 8, and finds new found strength!! The match is completely even which gal almost knocking!! And we’ve only just begun!! Both ladies continue the beatdown, but who will win???

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