Extermination Goes Faint



Constance sits on the table reading a magazine with her bare feet propped up. Constance looks up, “Well it’s about you showed up! You need to find this rat! It’s creeping me out!! Why were you late?!” Apparently, George, the exterminator, went to the wrong address. Time to look for the rat, George. George looks around and finds nothing (of course!)! Suddenly, Constance spots the rat and freaks out so much that she faints right there!!!

What is George to do with this fainted woman?? He just keeps looking around for a giant rat. He decides he’s going to tell her he caught the rat no matter what happens. When Constance wakes up, she’s genuinely upset that George did not take the opportunity to grope her limp body while she was fainted. A perfect damsel in distress! What kind of gentleman are you George?!?! Are you gay George?! Constance is so upset that George didn’t play with her limp body, that she gives George complete consent to punch her in the face to knock out, and play! George takes full advantage of this opportunity… PUNCH!

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