Rachel Got Tickled



Rachel is all tied up to a bed, with Constance waltzing in with her fresh new nails. Constance asks does Rachel like her tickles gentle… or rough… ladies and gents! Rachel likes it rough!! Constance uses her long nails to make Rachel laugh so hard that she can’t stop!! Constance moves Rachel’s feet into her lap and goes to town with the tickling!!! Her toes curl so hard… but Constance has greater places for those toes. Constance brings out an electric toothbrush for ticking toes!! 

Rachel laughs so loud that you can’t even here Constance talk! Constance takes the electric toothbruth to Rachel’s bare sole and in between every single toe. Whats next?? Constance is going to tickle Rachel with the electric toothbrush in her armpits, on her ribs, and under her bondage thighs, oh my!! 

xoxo Rachel Adams & Constance Customs? EML Here


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