Raquel’s Confession



Raquel being the ever beautiful woman that she is decided it was high time she made a confession to her bf. See you haven’t been pleasing her that well, so she had no trouble going out and finding men that would. But she felt that is was time she confessed to you. So as you are listening to her confess about her sex that she has been having. Every detail from the cum all over her, to the huge cock and so much more, you started to get hard. She noticed that you will getting hard and was shocked that you her bf is getting turned on with her sleeping around. So then she decided to switch gears. She then told you to pull out your cock and start stroking. Then as you are stroking, she starts to humiliate you and tells you she will continue sleeping around on you, as you can’t please her anymore, and plenty of men can. After she knows you are ready to cum, she gives you a countdown, then at 1, you cum, and then she makes you lick up your own cum, as she walks away for you, you pathetic loser for a bf.

xoxo Raquel Roper Customs? Here


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