Ringmaster Constance Gets Ousted



Constance just got home from work still in her ringmaster costume and called out to Jesse.  Jesse was still working in their office. Constance walked in and he asked what she was wearing and she told her its her uniform for working at the circus. he thought that sounded and smelled fishy so he got his spray bottle and sprayed it at Constance. Oh shit. The spray is sleepy spray. Constance gasped, her eyes fluttered and she fell limp. Jesse then ragdolled her body and cradle carried her to the living room. He then took off he overcoat so he could see her outfit some more. Constance started to wake up, but Jesse got his sleepy syringe and injected COnstance. She gasped but eventually sighed as her eyes closed. he then tossed her around some more, spanked her, and continued to play with her limp limbs, before setting her upright to let her wake on her own.
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