Two Wonders.. One Winner



Constance Wonder and Megan Wonder are both are going to fight it out! Who’s the stronger Wonder Woman?!! Only this fight will tell. Both start in a test of strength but Megan quickly takes over by putting Constance into a super strong sleeperhold nearly knocking Constance right out. Constance flops to ground with her ass in the air. Megan gets cocky, telling the camera she’s is so much stronger, but Constance creeps up from behind and cunt busts Megan!!! This mega strong cunt bust knocks Megan right out!!

Back and forth both of these superheroines try to prove themselves by destroying one another to knock outs. Megan and Constance’s strength overtakes one another to the point that they both make eachother pass out over and over and over again!!! Who will be the most ultimate Wonder Woman to ever exist?? A neck snap to the loser! Total destruction. Goner. For Sure. Watch now to see who it will be!

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