Yoga Plans Interrupted



Constance had come over to Jacquelyn’s house to get ready to go to yoga. But Constance showed Jacquelyn some new KO toys she had and wanted to play instead of working out. Jacquelyn said she didn’t know but then Constance head-bonked her, before she could finish her sentence. Jacquelyn’s eyes rolled back and she fell limp on the sofa.  Constance then proceeded to rag-doll Jacquelyn’s body, manipulating her body in numerous ways. Jacquelyn started to come to and was wondering what happened. Constance told her and Jacquelyn we should just go do yoga. But Constance then used a chloro cloth on Jacquelyn’s face and Jacquelyn fell limp again. Some more limp play. She woke again, and Constance used another KO method. Then Constance heard a car door and realized Sleeperkid had arrived home early. Shit! Constance dragged Jacquelyn’s limp body, so Sleeperkid wouldn’t find out what she had been up to. But when Jacquelyn was limp earlier Constance had taking a few pics and accidentally sent them to Sleeperkid. Constance greeted him and told him Jacquelyn was at yoga class, but Sleeperkid said he got my text. Text? Then Sleeperkid grabbed Constance and put her into a sleeperhold. Constance gasped and tried to fight but alas her eyes fluttered and roll back and eventually fell limp in Sleeperkid’s arms. Sleeperkid then proceeded to rag-doll her around and carried her to the living room. After some more limp play he went to find Jacquelyn and brought her limp body into the living room across Constance. Two limp girls on his living room floor.. he is going to have fun.
xoxo Constance, Jacquelyn Velvets & Sleeperkid   Customs? EML
Jacquelyn and Constance are available for customs Feb 25-28.


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