A Boxing KO Lesson



Constance has a surprise for Jesse!!! She has two sets of boxing gloves!! A red pair for Jesse and a turquoise pair for Constance. She remembered that he boxed in high school and thought it would be a great gift! Constance wants to learn some boxing moves and wants to learn how to box! Maybe they can even get a punching bag for their anniversary!! Jesse thinks a nice job would be a good first lesson. Constance weakly punches Jesse in the chest AND THE FACE, and he doesn’t reacts to ANY of her punches.

Jesse decides to show her a thing or two but jabbing her right in the face!!! Constance’s eyes roll and she falls to her knees before plopping right onto her face! Jesse seems pretty concerned, but calls this a “technical knockout.” Point for Jesse. Constance is knocked out cold for a good while before she wakes up with a sore nose! She didn’t know he would hit that hard… and he didn’t know she would knock out so easy!!

This “lesson” seems to keep going with Constance not hurting Jesse at all!! And then Jesse hits Constance ONE TIME with ONE right hook to the side of the head and she’s out cold!!! Jesse eye checks Constance and limp checks all over her arms… nothing but a little whimper out of Constance. When Constance gets up, its time for a uppercut lesson… Boxing domination round #3!!

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