Super Girl Cali Teaches Constance America a Lesson



SG Cali invited Constance America over to lay down some ground rules.  She wanted to make sure that the Avengers and The League knew what they were doing and not stepping on each other’s toes. C America thought everyone was doing a good job, but SG Cali said she just needed to make sure. So SG Cali thought it would be a good idea to put C America in place. So SG Cali decided to KO Constance with numerous different methods to see if she could handle it. With each KO method used, SG Cali then rag dolled Constance around and fondled her limp body, Obviously, Constance America  was confused each time she woke up, and called out to SG Cali as to what she was doing, but SG Cali sneaked up behind Constance each time and Ko’ed her.
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