Headaches and Outt



Constance & Jesse were sitting out on their patio when Jesse told Constance of a fantasy he wanted to try on her.  Basically, he would head-bonk her a few times, and then when she was limp, he would fondle her limp body. She didn’t know, if she wanted to, but Jesse said it would be fine. As Constance was starting to get up to leave.. Jesse head-bonked her and immediately Constance’s eyes fluttered and rolled back into her head and she fell limp on the sofa.  Jesse then proceeded to ragdoll and fondle Constance. He also decided to pick her up and cradle carry her abit but laying her down on their Jacuzzi top. He continued to play with her body until she started coming to. Constance said she felt like her head hurt so she needed to get water. As Constance was walking inside to get water Jesse head-bonked her again. She again fell limp. Jesse then dragged Constance by her feet and this time in addition to, fondling her limp body, he took of her boots and dress leaving her to her bra, panties and pantyhose.  She woke up again and started to crawl to her sofa to take a nap, but Jesse head-bonked her again. He cradle carried her one last time and fondled her body before leaving. Constance woke up again and said she was going to bed, but then she felt dizzy and fainted right back on the sofa and her body slid to the floor.
XOXO Constance & Jesse Bristol. Customs? EML Here


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