Ashley Wildcat Got Ko’ed?



Ashley was at her home on her sofa, when Constance sneaked up from behind her and head–bonked her. Ashley was startled, but then she fell limp. As Ashley was limp, Constance thought it would be fun to rag doll and taunt this great wrestler around a bit.  Powerful Ashley got KO’ed by a stick. But Ashley woke up and stumbled across the room, confused as she saw her mats and thought she had lost a match, but Constance again grabbed her and placed a mask over her mouth. Ashley breathed in it bc she had no choice and again fell limp.  Constance again fondled this limp girl. This went on for a bit, before Constance decided she would leave Ashley to wake up on her mats on her own, with the assumption she lost a wrestling match.
xoxo Constance & Ashley Wildcat
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