Fanatical Fan



Constance is on a mission to get all the sleepy model’s autographs. So what better way then to start with the lovely Luna Lain. So Constance and Luna were sitting and Constance explained what she is doing, and Luna ever so happy to oblige said she would give her autograph. Constance handed her a paper and pen and as Luna started to sign Constance gave her a neck pinch. Luna gasped and feel limp on the sofa. Constance laughed at her and really isn’t after autographs she is just after knocking outt girls. you see that’s her specialty and she loves doing it. Constance enjoys playing with limp bodies with they are sleeping. After a bit, Luna wakes up and Constance played it off and said she fell asleep but then Constance head-bonked her. This went on for a bit. Each time Luna would wake up, Constance would KO her and away Luna went. Then Constance played with her limp hands, legs, mouth and oh those beautiful eyes. She even cradle carried Luna around for a bit.
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