A Wrestling Surprise



Hell yes!! A two on one match with Misty Lovelace and Chrissy Marie against Constance!! All the ladies are dressed in their shiny pro style leotard uniforms and are ready to hit the mats in the wrestling ring. Misty grabs Constance’s arm and swings it to her back while getting Constance into a tight sleeperhold! Chrissy starts wailing on Constance, belly punching her over and over again! Next a knee to the stomach! Constance falls to the floor, crying, and Chrissy starts kicking Constance right in the cunt!!! Constance is the first to tap!!

Misty and Chrissy take full advantage of Constance by wearing her down in a camel clutch then giving Constance a barrage of kicking cunt busts! Constance falls to the ground again and receives a gross stinkface… Constance tries to crawl away but Misty gets Constance into a head scissorhold and hand smothers at the same time!! Will Constance tap or pass out first?! Neither!! Constance finds a second wind to knock Chrissy the fuck out, and then seriously wails on Misty, giving her all the same treatment. Smothers, sleeperholds, scissorholds, camels clutches, back breakers, and of course… more cunt busting!!! What will happen when poor, weak little defenseless Chrissy wakes up with no Misty around??

Xoxo Constance, Misty Lovelace & Chrissy Marie  Want to order a Custom? EML Here


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