Aggravated Alexandria Loses



Constance and Alexandra Hamilton go head-to-head in a female wrestling match inside a state-of-the-art wrestling ring! Alexandria takes the first move by stomach punching Constance, then she slams Constance’s head right into the wrestling ring mat for a full round of face punches. As Constance pathetically lays there, Alexandria puts Constance into a head scissorhold from hell!! Constance is so dazed that Alexandria starts to count… and she gets to 5 before Constance wakes up ready to fight!

Constance may be dazed, but she has the newfound vigor to punch Alexandria square in the stomach, causing her to double over! Constance continues the stomach punching until Alexandria is weak enough to lean onto the turnbuckle for a running body slam!!! Constance gives a barrage of body slams before Alexandria falls over for more abuse. Constance quickly starts to count, but it was too soon! Alexandria immediately gets out of Constance’s hold and then swinging kicks Constance right in the stomach!!! Low blow!!! Next Alexandria decks Constance in the face, sending her head straight to the mat! Alexandria gives counting down another try, but Constance gets up using the rope!!

Both ladies are neck to neck with 7 more minutes in this match!!! Constance starts to take the upper hand and puts Alexandria’s arms and legs over the ropes, then repeatedly knees Alexandria in the cunt. Brutal blows!!! Alexandria falls to the floor and is completely unable to walk. Constance takes the full opportunity to sit on Alexandria’s face and smother her with her meaty thighs. Alexandria is under Constance’s merciless control…  until she repeatedly cunt busts Constance right back!!! This back and forth cunt bust fight pursues!!! With head scissorholds, back breakers, clotheslines off the ropes, and even more abuse, find out how badly Alexandria loses!!!

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