Balloon Babes



Constance LOVES balloons and has invite Megan Jones over to play with some!! Constance’s room is filled to the brim with HUGE colorful balloons!! First, Constance picks a purple balloon to mount on top of the bed, and Megan sits on top of big, full white balloon. Both girls mount onto of the balloons in reverse cowgirl and bounce and bounce!! Constance pops her first balloon and just squeezes out the air, then Megan humps her balloon until it pops!!

Next, these Balloon Babes pick a giant pink balloon!! They quickly discover that the knot of the balloon looks like a big pink NIPPLE! They rub and massage the balloon knot, and Constance starts to flick her tongue at the tip of the balloon nipple… then she sensually licks all around the inside of the balloon knot before putting the whole balloon nipple in her mouth to suck it. Constance then pulls on the balloon knot with her teeth. Constance LOVES balloons! Megan and Constance pop the pink balloon together!!

Four more balloons to go!! Both balloon babes try not to fall of the bed while they mount their balloons and hump their balloons together. They make their balloons kiss and bounce all over a giant pumpkin balloon and a lemon yellow balloon!! Megan tries to leg scissorhold her yellow balloon until it pops… but first is just lets out air and blows Megan’s hair in the wind!! Then out of nowhere Megans thighs POP that balloon in full surprise!!! Constance brings out a wine opener for her orange balloon!!! POP!! Two more balloons to go!! What colors will these Balloon Babes HUMP and POP next???

xoxo Constance & Megan Jones  Customs? EML HERE


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