Booty, Legs & Scissors



Constance wants to do a different kind of match with Sasha Steel… Constance wants a full match of just scissorholds and smothers, what her and Sasha are best at doing. Constance gives Sasha a extra strong scissorhold first, but Sasha gets her back with just as much ferocity. Reverse head scissorhold time.  And a standing scissorhold from Constance. Sasha is impressed even without Constance’s legs crossed. 

Sasha tackles back with a mega breast smother, back and forth camel clutches, but Constance starts to take over. Sasha taps to a pussy smother. A series of scissorholds pursues and a few minutes of grappling before Constance dusts Sasha again!! Looks like Constance might be winning this booty/leg/scissors match today!! 

xoxo Constance & Sasha Steel Customs? EML Here


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