Gag Talk Interview



CUSTOM REQUEST: Opens with Caroline stuffing your mouth and tightly cleave gagging you (white cloth).
You then ask Caroline her first question: What is your favourite gag – Ball gag or stuffed cleave gag?
Whatever she chooses as her favourite, you tightly gag her with the other.
Then proceed to ask her as many questions as you can:
What is your earliest bondage memory?
Is that what piqued your interest?
How old were you when you were first tied up and how were you tied up/gagged?
If you were bound and gagged in a room with any other woman in the world, who would it be?
Being tied or doing the tying?
Favourite bondage position?
Rope or tape?
Cats or dogs?
Sleep in pyjamas or naked?
Pepsi or Cola?
Bike or drive?
Handcuffs or zip tie?
Final question: Do you have any questions for me?
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