Nyxon’s HOM Surprise



Nyxon was just trying to catch up on her TV series when Constance came in and wanted to chat.  Constance had just gotten back from this gypsy shop w new gloves and she wanted to show them off. She knows Nyxon loves pin-up and satin gloves so she showed her the new black satin gloves. Nyxon said she liked them but wanted to watch her show. Constance decided to HOM Nyxon and Nyxon struggled but finally collapsed. When Nyxon was limp, Constance played with her limp body. Nyxon woke up and Constance showed her another pair of gloves and again HOM Nyxon with those gloves too. This gloves really do have magical powers.
xoxo Constance & Nyxon.   Customs?  EML admin@constancescrazycinemas.com  


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