Chrissy Marie is Probed by UFO VOL 36



Chrissy Marie is another beautiful model that is added to this series created by Constance. This time the setting is in a hotel room, where Chrissy thought she was all alone. But alas like the series consists of, a gloved hand came at Chrissy with numerous different KO methods. Each time she tried to fight, but each time the KO method was too powerful and Chrissy always feell limp. The glove hand then proceeded to fondle this helpless maiden. Stripping her down to her bra and panties. On the last KO method, Chrissy thought she could escape. As the mask was on her face, she tried to crawl out of the room, but alas the fumes over took her. Another beautiful woman had fallen to the UFO series.

xoxo Chrissy Marie and Constance (hand)  Customs? EML


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