Star Girl KO’ed by Super Fan



CUSTOM REQUEST:   Constance is gazing at her phone of a picture of Star Girl  in an over the top adoring/obsessed way. She talks to herself out loud, “Oh…my…Gawd.. I can’t believe I won the contest and I am going to actually meet   Star Girl!”   The door bell rings and Constance springs up excitably to answer it.    The door opens and Star Girl enters as if there were a drum roll and she was the queen of England coming in to meet a mere peasant.  Constance is clapping and jumping up and down and stroking and hugging Star Girl in a weird, stalker fan kind of way.  Constance is a total motor mouth and she is overcome with emotion as she has been obsessed with Star Girl for so long.  Star Girl is visibly creeped out by her super fan.  She tres to calm Constance down and to keep   it professional  and create space between them.   They sit on the couch.   Star Girl asks Constance if she has any requests because their time will be very limited.   Constance explains shes always  had really strong legs and that she is sort of known around town for her scissor holds and she was really hoping to try one out on Star Girl because she is an actual real life super heroine.   Star Girl thinks this is a strange request  but agrees. And way we go….
K.O 1- Constance has Star girl sit on the floor upright so her back is up against the couch and her knees are up and spread.  Constance is sitting on the couch behind Star Girl and wraps her legs around her upper rib cage not squeezing tight yet.    Star Girl is visibly  weirded out and unimpressed with Constance’s scissor strength then mid sentence  Constance locks it in hard.   Star Girl is stopped mid sentence as she reacts to the air stifling scissor hold in shock.  We see it all over her face.    “Lil…tight…..that’s….actually….. pretty good….. Your…strong….can’t….. breath…..said… can’t breath….”  Constance locks it in hard and smiles totally proud of herself. ” I know right?! Aren’t my legs, like, so strong!?  And  check this out I can even take it up a notch!”  Constance re wrenches it in even harder and we see Star Girl react with terror all over her face.  “…hard to get out of….said….cant breath…give…..give….”  Then Jackie suddenly dramatically surrenders into  limp unconsciousness rolling her eyes big and sustained white.  Constance keeps it locked in tight babbling on and on to Star Girl who is rolling her eyes mouth gaping open being rag dolled in the hold.  Finally, Constance realizes she is out cold and is disappointed in Star Girl.  She lets up and shakes her face and checks  her eyes showing her whites. She snuggles and cuddles with Star Girl in between rag dolling her all over, flipping and flopping her eye rolling victim until she begins to come to. 
K.O 2- Constance  manipulates the groggy Star Girl into the next scissor .  Constance sits upright  in front of the couch back against the couch.  She props Jackie’s  head up in her lap and then applies a head scissors and again squeezes away.  With the scissor hold Jackie is brought hard back into the land of the living as she struggles  all  over again and converses with the babbling Constance before surrendering  into eye rolling unconsciousness again and then she is  rag dolled and snugged in that eye rolling state before being woken  again manipulated into the next scissor.  
K.O 3- side scissor.  
K.O 4-  reverse head scissors.  JV on her back. 
K.O 5-standing scissors.  Constance standing JV who is on all fours.  
K.O 6- side neck scissor.  JV on her back head to the side facing camera.  
K.O 7 figure four head lock scissor hold.  
 xoxo Constance & Jacquelyn Velvets  For you very own Custom Request  Click Here


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