Jesse: The New Sofa



Constance walks in, completely shocked to find Jesse laying on a mat… and her sofa is gone!! What the fuck Jesse??? Jesse claims that the couch was disgusting and he’s replaced it with a wrestling mat. Constance threatens to blackmail Jesse with the nude pictures she took of him… Jesse doesn’t like the sound of that. Constance compromises—Jesse is now the new sofa—that’s how they can watch tv together. Constance on her throne and Jesse as the squishy human throne.

Constance squashes her fat ass right onto of Jesse’s chest and he just groans, hoping Constance doesn’t show off his nude pictures. Constance bounces on top of, and gets comfy, on Jesse’s sofa stomach. When he pathetically says he can’t breath, Constance demands he flip over, so she can plop on top of this noisy sofa’s back. Constance crosses her legs on top of Jesse and gets comfy while she reads her book to her new favorite sofa human. After Constance is done reading her book, she decides she want to stand on her new sofa!!

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