Victim Of Valentine’s Day



Constance was super excited for Valentine’s Day this year as it marks her and George’s 5 Valentine Days together. So for this big year she was hoping for something spectacular. At the beginning of the clip, you see George on the sofa with a box of chocolates bitching about this holiday, and so he wanted to do something to make Constance forget about this holiday to. So he opened the box of chocolates and injected them with sleepy serum. Then he put the box together and waited for Constance. Constance comes out all sexy looking with a red bra and panty set with a see-through red robe, red gloves, and sexy high heels. She comes over to George and George just raves about how sexy she looks. She told him that instead of buying him something this year she dressed up all sexy for him. She climbed on him, kissed him and said lets go make love, but first she wanted to see what he got her. So he told her to sit and now Constance is super excited. But then he pulls out a box of chocolates and hands it to Constance.  Chocolates, and a small box too.. Now Jewelry? Constance asked.   He said chocolates are good, so why don’t you eat one. Constance of course loves her chocolate so she grabbed one and started eating, yum its good, but then all of a sudden she started choking and couldn’t breath.  George asked what was wrong and after gagging for a while Constance fell limp. Perfect, just what I wanted.   George then proceeded to ragdoll Constance’s limp limbs around. He took off her shoes, her gloves and her robe. Leaving her to just her bra and panties. After a bit, Constance woke up feeling very sleepy and just wanted to go to bed. But George coaxed her to eat one more chocolate. Constance loves chocolate so she did. Again, she was almost halfway through when she started to feel sleepy and started choking again. Her eyes rolled back and fluttered until she fell limp on the floor.  George fondled her limp and helpless body one last time before leaving her there to wake up. Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

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