Sister Anabelle’s Limp Belly Punches



Constance was so pumped up from her work-out that she didn’t know how to settle down. Her sister Anabelle was just standing around and Constance said she just wanted to see if her punches had gotten any stronger. Anabelle really didn’t want Constance to punch her , but Constance said I’m the older sister and you are living her rent free so I get to do whatever I want to you. Anabelle had no choice but to comply. So with each belly punch Constance got harder and harder and each time Anabelle fell limp. Oh this is fun, so with her sister limp, Constance decided to just ragdoll her a bit, before waking her up.  This went on a few times, until Constance eventually had enough and was just letting her sister sleep it off.
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