Misty & Constance Pee Troubles



Misty and Constance just got home from dinner and drinks, and desperately had to use the bathroom. Constance’s man had stayed home waiting for the plumber to come and fix the toilets.  Constance called out to him, and asked if the plumber had arrived and he said no. WTF? They both have to go!! What do we do??  George said hold it. Both girls then started to do the potty dance to try to hold it. George then suggested to do some exercise to help reduce the pain. Constance and Misty thought that was a dumb idea but tried it anyway. That just made it worse.  Both Constance’s and Misty’s bellies were getting so big from holding it to long. Then Constance suggested they go ask their neighbors. George said no, since we just  moved in, he didn’t think that was polite.  Constance then suggested going in the tub, and again George shut that idea down too. Then what should we do?? George suggested if they have to go that bad, that they go on the patio where pets go. Constance didn’t think about that. So both Misty and Constance head outside and then they both let go. Both had to go so bad and both felt so relieved. 

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