St Patrick’s Day Poison



Constance had invited Jacquelyn Velvets over to her annual St Patrick’s Day party. JV was coming up the walk she wanted to make sure she had come to the right house, because she had already had a lot to drink. So she was already staggering around. She knocked on the door and Constance said to come in. JV always heard that Constance dresses up for St Patty’s Day so she couldn’t wait to see what she was wearing. Constance came and gave JV a hug and JV loved Constance’s outfit. This year she was dressed up as Poison Ivy. Super Cute and Green!. Constance told JV to take a seat and she would bring out her special drink. In the background you see Constance stirring her drink and then oops she dropped something into it. She gave JV the drink and JV said it smelled good and starting drinking. Then she started to feel very dizzy and her mouth was burning. Yes.. its working Constance said. Poison Ivy had poisoned her drink. Just with a little serum that makes people sleepy. Once JV had fallen asleep, Constance then proceeded to rag doll this limp sexy woman around. After taking off her shoes, and playing with her bit, Constance herself was feeling drained. So grabbed the glass JV was drinking thinking that is would give her energy, after all its just Ach.0hol. Shit Constance was so stupid, she forgot she had put poison in it. And away she fell limp. About this time, JV had started to wake up and saw Constance and told her she was way tipsy. How could you fall asleep on me. today was to be fun and more drinking. But she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with this limp woman. So she did and just had so much fun. All the while complaining bc she wanted to drink and that Constance was light weight. Then JV saw a glass and was thirsty so she drank some more. But then shit she realized she also drank the poison drink and her eyes again fluttered and throat burning and eventually fell limp on Constance’s limp body. xoxo Constance & Jacquelyn Velvets Customs? Here  Happy St Patrick’s Day 2018!!! 


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