PlayFul Scissors with GiGi



Constance gets Gigi on the ground in a scissorhold so fast that Gigi didn’t even know they were fighting. Gigi begs Constance to let her go, but won’t tap to save her life. Apparently, Gigi wants to show Constance something… but Constance is having none of it! Constance let go of Gigi’s legs…. to sit in her face! Gigi suffocates slowly under Constance’s giant ass until she taps!!

Gigi’s turn… she gives Constance a head scissorhold, but all Constance does is giggle!! Gigi squeezes her thighs harder and covers Constance’s mouth with her hand, but Constance doesn’t even wince! She just laughs crazily!! Gigi doesn’t have a chance. Constance decides to have a little more fun though… she starts humping Gigi and breast smothering her face! Constance has made Gigi a little toy! 

Back and forth Constance plays rough with poor little Gigi’s face. Gigi is so upset that they are shooting wrestling shit! She signed up for limp fetish! Constance naturally tries to persuade Gigi that she can knock her out! Will Constance abide to Gigi’s fetish request??

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