Sasha Defeated



Constance, in matte red, and Sasha Steele, in shiny red, are at it again for a full pro-style female fighting match!! Both ladies lock up, and Constance takes the first move with a epic belly punch to make Sasha double over!!! Then a punch to Sasha’s face!! Over and over again Constance punches the heck out of Sasha!! Sasha falls to her knees, so Constance takes the grand opportunity to put her into a tight sleeperhold forcing her to knock out. Constance lets go and lets Sasha’s face fall to the floor with her ass still the air. Brutally humiliating knock out!

Sasha wakes up, only to be dominated by Constance all over again!! Constance punches Sasha in the face over and over again!! Jab after jab! Then Constance grabs Sasha by the neck and then squeezes her thighs around Sasha’s head… making her pass out AGAIN! When Sasha wakes up, she’s weak and defenseless to Constance’s constant attacks!! Stomach clawing and stomach stomping! A breast smother sends Sasha back to dreamland!!! Constance wakes her up by sitting on her face! A brutal smother for Sasha!

After Sasha wakes, Constance dominates her in a full Nelson and a knee to the cunt!! Constance pushes Sasha to the ground and puts her into a camel clutch, fishhooking Sasha’s mouth, gouging Sasha’s eyes, and temple drilling Sasha’s head!!! A brutal end to the completely dominated Sasha Steele.

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