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This session starts with Constance dragging Alexi around the mat and flipping him over for a camel clutch. Constance plops down on her Alexi’s back and stretches his chin back so hard that Alexi immediately taps. Constance lets him go, but this time she fish hooks Alexi’s mouth before cranking back up into another brutal camel clutch!! Alexi taps again so quick!! She stretches him back for a third time, and stretches out his throat, for a long, long while before Alexi finally taps again!!!

Constance crosses her feet over the back of Alexi’s head and smothers his face into the mat. Alexi is already too weakened to react, so Constance flops his arms down and then forces his legs back from a back breaker. This little boy sub is getting run through the wringer today. Constance crosses Alexi’s legs and pulls his arms back into another back breaker until his back literally pops. Constance lets him go only to tickle his feet!! He wiggles and struggles until Constance lets him go. Only to put him back into another over-the-knee back breaker!! Alexi taps!!

Next up, is Constance’s throat-crushing sideway head scissorhold. This goes on for such a long time that Alexi can barely move when she finally releases him. Constance quickly puts Alexi back into a arm breaker, then decides its time to plop down on his chest before repeatedly slapping Alexi in the face. This little bitch boy puts up no fight and just lets Constance completely dominate his face in red hot slaps. After Alexis is nice and red, Constance plops down on his face and smothers him with her ginormous ass. What more could Constance do to this little bitch boy? A whole lot.

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