Trouble w Eve & Constance



Bat Eve was waiting on Constance America to arrive to go over a few things. Constance arrived and Bat Eve lifted Constance to sit and talk. As they were sitting all of a sudden a noise went off and immediately Bat Eve turned into a robot. She grabbed Constance and pulled a cloth out drenched with fumes. Constance tried to fight it but to no avail. She fell helplessly limp. Eve then in a robotic state lifted Constance’s legs and hands up in the air and let them fall down. Constance was limp as can be. Then Mezmerious’ came in and congratulated Bat Eve on a job well done. Then he turned the tables on Eve and KO’ed her. He then congratulated himself on his plan to capture them both and take advantage of them both. So he fondled both of their bodies a bit. Constance woke up, and saw this guy and was scared and then saw Eve but immediately Mezmerious’ neck pinched her and away Constance went. Mezmeriou’s then carried Constance out of the room to come back and play w Bat Eve some more. Eve woke up, but Mezmerios’ KO’ed her again. Oh this is going to be fun. xoxo Constance, Eve Von Winter and Levi Customs? EML Here  All 3 are available for customs May 25-27.


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