Sinn’s Spirit



Sinn Sage sits reading, when all of the sudden, Sinn feels a shiver in her body… something feels weird in the room… Sinn looks around AND THERE’S A GHOST! Sinn immediately passes out in fright!! Not even moments after, while Sinn’s completely spiritless, the Ghost picks up Sinn’s arm!! How alarming! The Ghost picks up Sinn’s other arm and just hangs it there, then lift’s her arm high in the air before just flat out dropping it! Sinn’s arm pops to the couch…

Now the Ghost is getting cheeky… he eye checks Sinn, then gropes her titty with her own hand. After enough jostling from the ghost, Sinn wakes up, and is completely confused as to what happened. Then completely out of nowhere, the book in Sinn’s lap just slaps her in the face, knocking her out cold!!! This ghost is getting abusive now!!! Sinn flops over to the side, and the ghost knocks the book off of Sinn. The Ghost picks up Sinn’s leg and lethargic checks her arms again… it looks like the Ghost’s playtime…

Sinn slowly wakes up from her book-slapping-KO and starts to realize that her house is HAUNTED! There’s a ghost in her fucking house! Sinn sees the Ghost a third time, but he KOs her all over again!!! Sinn falls face down on the couch this time, leaving her defenseless for the Ghost to play with her all over again. The Ghost lifts all of Sinn’s limbs, then jiggles her ass before spanking Sinn!! Casper the Naughty Ghost!  What more will this naughty ghost do to poor human Sinn? Smother her with a pillow and play with her goodies? Casper thinks, yes.

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