Peyton’s Payback Pains



Locking up in the ring is Peyton, in a shiny blue unitard, and Misty, in her red pro-style uniform! Peyton takes the lead by slamming Misty to the mat, then quickly gets Misty in a leg lock and banana splits her legs far apart! Misty retailates with a body scissorhold and a duo sleeperhold. Eventually Peyton spins around, but this only puts her in a good position for a head scissorhold! Misty takes full advantage and snatches Peyton’s head between her thighs!! But Peyton somehow comes back by getting Misty is another epic banana split and head scissorhold combo!! Misty taps!!!

Peyton goes on the attack again, getting Misty into a body scissorhold and head scissorhold! Without even a chance of escape, Misty is put into a body figure four and Misty has a quickly weakening spirit. Within a short time, Misty’s breath is so knocked out that she just taps!!! Again! Peyton doesn’t stop for a moment, and gets Misty into a camel clutch and then into a back breaker, before Misty can even breath!! The only break Misty is getting is her broken back!!

Peyton puts Misty in a long series of body scissorholds and figure fours before Peyton is ready to break Misty’s leg. Misty just screams and tries to wiggle out, but with no prevail! Peyton is demolishing Misty, until Misty taps AGAIN! And then Peyton puts her into ANOTHER banana split!! Misty won’t be able to walk away with her broken back AND her broken, bendy legs. Misty literally just squeals in pain as a defense until… she taps AGAIN! Peyton drags Misty in place for another head scissorhold!! This really is Peyton’s payback pains!!!

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