Lucy Purr vs Constance : A NON DQ Match



Lucy Purr VS Constance are here for unscripted, bikini, prostyle match! Lucy takes the first move by cunt busting Constance. She falls to the floor and Lucy puts Constance into a thigh sleeperhold!! Constance struggles to even breath and her eyes start to roll! Lucy is already dominating this match and knocks out Constance right there with their legs spread and everything!!! Constance stays knocked out for such a long time that Lucy just about leaves the mat… but decides to wake up Constance… for more dominating!!!

Did you have a nice little nap there Constance??? Because Lucy is going to put you into ANOTHER rear naked chokehold and body scissorhold!! Constance is no match against the tight bicep against her throat… Constance’s eyes start to roll again and tries hard to breath.. with no prevail. Constance quickly knocks out right there. Lucy doesn’t let go though. They fall over together, with Constance limp Lucy’s tight hold. Lucy still doesn’t go until the ref limp checks Constance’s foot and calls the match to LUCY!

Lucy stands up to take the victory, but the referee says that Lucy still has 5 more minutes in this match!! While Lucy fights with the referee, Constance stands up behind Lucy and hits her repeatedly in the back until she falls to her knees. Constance scoops up Lucy’s neck in her sleeperhold and knocks her out!!! Constance’s time for limp revenge!!

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