Jasmin Jai vs Alexis Kim



Both pro-style wrestlers are locked up, trashing talking, unwilling to break. Jasmin in a shiny hot pink leopard pro-style gear, and Alexis in a shiny green leotard pro-style gear. Jasmin is thrown together the ground first, and Alexis immediately puts her into a brutal camel clutch to the point that Jasmin taps!! It doesn’t really look like Jasmin knows how to fight because within seconds Alexis puts her into a rear naked chokehold! Jasmin is really starting to show that she’s about to get dominated!

A nice titty smother for days truly weakens Jasmin. Alexis smothers her for so long that Jasmin really couldn’t breathe, so Jasmin was easily rag dolled with stars around her head after that. Jasmin is again thrown to the ground and even hand smothered… another sleeperhold and camel clutch… Alexis has dominated this whole match!

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