Alexandria’s Debacle



Constance and Alexandria match in a their shiny prostyle gear! Constance quickly takes over by knocking Alexandria clean out with a tight sleeperhold. When Alexandria wakes up back up, Constance really toys with her! She repeatedly belly punches Alexandria then spins her around before throwing her into the turnbuckle! Constance forces her foot into Alexandria’s throat before Alexandria is knocked back out AGAIN!!

Constance cunt busts Alexandria to wake her back up, and then throws Alexandria into a bootie bouncing back breaker. Alexandria is so weak that Constance can just put her easily into a camel clutch with Constance’s legs crossed over the top of Alexandria’s head! This is a full domination match!! Constance immediately puts Alexandria into a head scissorhold and Alexandria passes out before tapping!! Then Constance gives a little stinkface to wake Alexandria back up… When with this total dominating humiliation end for poor pathetic Alexandria???

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