Alexi Meets Constance



Constance is ready for a down and dirty wrestling match with Alexi. First, a test of strength match where Constance quickly throws Alexi’s head into a rear naked chokehold. Just to fuck around with him she then wails Alexi in the stomach… No merci for this guy. Constance puts his head between her thighs and squeezes so hard that Alexi IMMEDIATELY taps. Constance is so surprised that she doesn’t even let go. She just makes poor Alexi tap again and again.

Next, Constance is ready for a reverse scissorhold, but as an appetizer she sits on Alexis’ face and belly punches him while taking his breath away. Constance brings on a ton of scissorholds until she discovers that she can squeeze Alexis’ throat and tickle him at the same time!!! Alexis must be in a truly pathetic mood because all he wants is to flop-illy lay there, repeatedly tapping, while getting crushed by Constance’s thighs and pussy. Will subboy ever fight back? Doesn’t look like it.

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