Booty time on Troy



Constance greets Troy in the tiniest bikini imaginable… when she sits reverse cowgirl on Troy’s face, you can’t even see that he has a face!! Both of Constance’s ass cheeks engulf Troy’s tiny head and her g-string bikini hides none of that bootie! The string is just floss for Troy’s face, and she bounces and smooshes his face and takes all his breath away. Constance flips around to show us her beautiful face while smothering this willing victim. Constance bounces on Troy’s neck and he doesn’t struggle even a little. What a good little facesitting slave.

Constance then puts Troy into tight reverse head figure four hold and sits on his face to smother him in an all new way! Oh boy! Constance then sits her pussy directly on Troy’s Adam’s apple and humps away, letting her ass cheeks bounce Troy’s face around. Troy moans and groans, attempting to breath though Constance’s throat abuse and a long round of harsh stomach punches! Constance then crushes Troy’s Adam’s apple with her shin, and then smothers him with her other calf!!! Troy taps, of course!

Next, Constance smothers Troy’s mouth and nose with her large thigh in a sideways head scissorhold. Constance adjusts her tiny triangle bikini that’s only the size of her nipples and clit, and then adjusts Troy but sliding his head off the edge of the bed… so Constance can destroy him in a head scissorhold from Constance-Hell. ALL of Troy’s blood rushes to his head and he’s ready to tap out again!!! Constance continues this throat abuse after that with a long round of bouncing on Troy’s throat, and hopping on his face to both smother him and hurt him.  Better enjoy that booty time, Troy, it’s all you’re getting!!!

xoxo Constance & Troy  Customs? EML HERE


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