Constance Under Master’s Spell



Constance hadn’t visited Dr George in a while and she stopped by to let him know life’s been good and that she didn’t feel like she needed treatment anymore or that it would work. George knew that if tried to put Constance under it would work. After all he is a doctor that specializes in this type of work. So he brought out a light sphere that spins pretty colors and had Constance focus on it. As Constance was focusing she started to feel very sleeping and as George was counting down her eyes started to get heavy until at # 1 Constance feel asleep. For the next few minutes, George told Constance that she would be doing things that she normally wouldn’t do, bc she was under his spell. Some of the items included: lifting her arms and legs up and letting them fall, walking back and forth with arms out as a robot and blank stare. He also ordered her to take off her dress leaving her to her bra & panties. Then he had her act like her dog, cat and fish, before eventually putting her into sleep mode.
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