Constance vs Vika



Vika comes out guns blazing in her prostyle uniform thinking that her height was going to help her against Crazy Constance in a wrestling match. Boy, was she wrong. Constance’s thighs are thick! Thickness is definitely winning over this twig. Constance throws Vika into camel clutch and smooshes her face into the ground until Vika taps. Next Constance uses her thick thighs against Vika’s twiggy neck. Will Vika tap or snap? 

Vika taps. She is very very weak, but managed to get Constance into a viper-like body scissorhold. Constance is trapped between those those long Vika legs. Ultimately, Constance breaks free by bashing Vika in the throat. Looks like Constance may be full of all kinds of dirty games. Even full on cuntbusting. A strong kick straight to Vika’s cunt. Naturally, Constance then pussy smothers Vika. Will Vika get out of this wrestling match with her cunt intact??

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