Dazed and Confused



Constance and Madison Swan square up in the wrestling ring, but Constance makes the first move! She brings Madison down into her clamping scissorhold and stretches out her whole body after that. A referee comes in and taps Madison. Constance reluctantly lets go… Madison takes over by giving Constance a nasty sleeperhold. Back and forth they try to stay on top of eachother to the point that Constance tickles Madison’s feet to try to take over the fight. 

Madison kicks out and gets Constance into a camel clutch! The ref calls it! And this pisses Constance off! Madison really gets it when Constance cuntbusts her, belly punches her and then ass smothers Madison’s face to a breathless tap!! Can Madison keep up this great ferocity… or will Crazy Constance brings out the works?? Like her twerking reverse scissorhold, perhaps? 

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