Dbl Booty, Dbl Thighs, Oh My!



Scissorholds and facesitting!! Constance is up first, picking a scissorhold around Sasha’s neck. Those double thick thighs are great for squeezing, but Constance is just being nice this round. Constance pulses her thighs around Sasha’s neck until she puts her into a figure four hold. Constance is just buying time before Sasha’s turn… Constance better get ready for Sasha’s thighs of steel!! Sasha’s go-to move is a body scissorhold, which makes perfect sense because Sasha’s thighs are literally the size of Constance’s torso. First, Constance gets squeezed ass up and then flips over for more squeezing!

This round Constance opts for a reverse facesit on Sasha! Time to see that huge ass snuff out Sasha! Constance wraps her feet around the back of Sasha’s head and pulses her pussy into Sasha’s breathless face. Right in the asshole. Sasha’s turn, she picks a head scissorhold this time… will Constance’s head pop off? Not yet! Constance breaks free and casually puts Sasha into a standing head scissorhold. Everyone is getting smothered in every way! Who will tap first???

xoxo Constance & Sasha Steel Customs? EML here


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