Face Sitting with Alexi



Alexi lays on the ground already ready to get fully dominated by Constance’s harsh face sitting techniques. No breathing for the next… 8 minutes. Constance hops onto Alexi’s face in reverse cowgirl style and smothers Alexi until he taps. She gives him literally only a moment to breath before she scoops up his head with her feet and forces his face into her giant ass once again. Alexi shows no struggle or even that he’s alive except in the multiple cases he needs air from Constance’s domineering facesits.

Constance’s giant ass and smothering pussy cover Alexis’ entire face, from mouth to eyes. All you see is his forehead, or when Constance turns around, you only see Alexi nose and eyebrows. Occasionally Alexi mumbles under Constance’s smother. Suddenly, Constance straight punches Alexi in the stomach and doesn’t even let him breath after!!!! Alexi pathetically lays there, useless, being a good boy slave, while Constance completely dominates Alexi until he’s jumpy scared! Next up, an entire round of alternating facesits and head scissorholds. This good boy must have wanted a punishment!

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