Jobber Vs Heel



Prostyle Misty versus prostyle Peyton is a truly intense match! Both gals push and struggle in the test of strength before Misty slams Peyton to the ground for a harsh tumble around the mat. Misty struggles until finally get an extremely tough body scissorhold on Peyton. Misty tires out Peyton just enough to put her into a camel clutch and Misty then plays around with her new little ball before throwing Peyton’s face to the ground. As Peyton pathetically lays on her face, Misty stands up and gives Peyton full on KICKING CUNT BUSTS!! Misty has no mercy!! She immediately puts Peyton back into a camel clutch AND sleeperhold!! Peyton definitely taps.

Peyton comes out strong with a body scissorhold to Misty. Misty squeals in pain… and taps!! So quickly!!! A point for each gal so far! Misty manages to get Peyton’s head right in between her thighs for a head scissorhold, and for added pain, punches Peyton right in the belly!! Next a back breaker!! Misty bounces her juicy ass right on top of Peyton’s ass before throwing Peyton to the ground for a head scissorhold and HAND SMOTHER!! How in the world will Peyton get out of this total domination without tapping?? Low and behold, Peyton taps! Will Misty take full advantage of this little weakling?

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