Megan Mocked & Humiliated



Megan and Constance in the wrestling ring. Constance immediately takes the advantage of a low blow and cuntbust Megan!!! Twice!! Then Constance sits on Megan’s face until she taps!! How truly embarrassing!! Megan can’t even shake off Constance so she gets a barrage of mega punches in the face AND a breast smother plus leg stretch. Constance has beat down on all of Megan’s lady parts. Megan taps again!!

Megan swings… and…. misses by a long shot. Constance notes how pathetic that was and ends up slamming Megan on the turnbuckle!! Constance foot smothers against the corner of the turnbuckle and then stinkfaces Megan!!! Gross! Constance farted!!! How humiliating!!! Constance once again takes those nasty, dirty feet and smothers Megan all over again… Megan got it all… What more could Constance do??

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