Misty Lovelace vs Celeste



Misty, in full silver pro style wrestling gear, and Celeste in all black gear, start their match with a strong beat hug landing to the ground!! Both girls grapple each other to maintain top position until Misty rolls Celeste into a body scissorhold strong enough to make her tap! Point for Misty!

Misty brings as much attitude to round 2 by torturing poor Celeste and finally getting her into a brutally camel clutch! But it doesn’t look like Celete will give in that easy… time for a head scissorhold! And a quick tap from Celete! Point two for Misty! However will Celete gain momentum now??

It looks like Celeste might have some low ball moves! She gets Misty into a tight grapevine before wailing a hard punch into Misty’s ribs!! Misty taps! Point for Celeste! Better bet Misty has it in for Celeste now though… a brutal pro style match ensues with back breakers, crouch stretchers, and boob suffocation?? Oh my!

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