Sarah Brooke vs Constance



Constance, 117lb, here to fight Sarah Brooke at 110lbs. Constance is in to win it because she immediately puts Sarah into a tight head scissorhold. Sarah breaks free and puts Constance in a stand head scissorhold hold, then walks around with Constance’s head between her tight muscular thighs. Constance gains the strength to get away and put Sarah into a sleeperhold so strong that Sarah TAPS!

Sarah quickly puts Constance into a head scissorhold, but Constance has a long beatdown in store for Sarah! Constance puts Sarah into a camel clutch while fish hooking her mouth! Sarah TAPS AGAIN! Constance takes full advantage of this and uses a sleeperhold on Sarah until she’s passes out! Constance has even more back breakers, facesitting, and scissorhold for Sarah to the point of TOTAL domination!

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