Sherry Stunns vs Terra Mizu



Sherry Stunns and Terra Mizu are decked out in prostyle outfits ready to kick some ass. Terra takes charge by knocking Sherry to the ground and giving her a harsh sleeperhold. Sherry breaks out and the girls go back and forth destroying eachother. Back breakers, camel clutches, belly punches and more. Neither one is willing to tap! Each taking full advantage of eachother’s weaknesses!! 

Terra tries to break Sherry’s neck with a sideways head scissorhold! Terra starts to count… and at 3 Sherry breaks loose!! She throws Terra to the wall and puts her into a camel clutch that literally just bends Terra in half. A few body splashes to add and a humiliated to drag around the mat room. Will Terra get out of this brutal fight? Or will her pride go out cold with her in the end? 

xoxo Terra Mizu & Sherry Stunns Customs EML Here


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