Sisters’ Frozen Necklace



Caroline was waiting for her sister Constance to get ready to go out for the night, when she noticed a new necklace Constance had left out on the counter. She said it looked nice and decided to put it on. As soon as it was on, Caroline immediately become frozen. Constance came out all ready and crap she saw Caroline had put the necklace on, and thought oh well, I was just have fun with her. So Constance had fun putting Caroline in numerous different funny frozen poses. Constance after having some fun, decided to take the necklace off. Caroline was in a weird way and wanted to know what happened. So Constance explained that this necklace had frozen powers, and anytime someone put it on. That person would become frozen like a doll. So Caroline asked if she Could do it to Constance. Constance said yes. So as Constance clasped the necklace she became stiff as a board Now, its Caroline’s turn to put Constance in uncomfortable frozen poses.

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