Taxes Gone Wrong on CPA Misty



Cop Constance had a warrant to search Misty’s office on hoarding client’s money. So Constance came in and questioned Misty about where her refund money is. Misty denied it, but Constance decided to inject her with a syringe so she could search her office. Misty’s eyes fluttered and she fell limp on the sofa.  Constance then proceeded to search her office and low and behold she found her husband’s money with his tax returns. She woke Misty up, and Misty in her dazed state, denied it and said it was her money. Constance didn’t want to hear it, so as she was putting handcuffs on her, Misty tried to escape, but Constance used her blackjack stick on her, and Misty fell limp in Constance’s arms.  Constance then fondled her limp body and dragged her to the living room. After a few more wake ups and denies and different KO methods, Misty finally admitted she was a croaked CPA and was swindling clients’ money. So Constance had no choice but to arrest her.

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